Know about NAMIK PAUL


Birthday Date 19th September
Height 6’4″
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Meaning of NAMIK Pillar of the sky
Home Town Dehradun, India
Current city Bandra (west), Mumbai, India
School Woodstock School, Mussoorie (boarding school)
Favourite subject in School  English and Economics
Tough subject in School Chemistry
College Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon, USA
Subjects in College Economics Major and Math Minor
Language English, Hindi
Previous work  NDTV, trained reporter
Model for Tarun Tahiliani & couple of others
Hobbies Basket Ball
Favourite Basket Ball Player Henrik Gobi/Kobe Bryant
Obsession My hair and working out
Pets German Shepherd – His name is Hobbes
Inspiration My Parents
First pay cheque given to my mom
Nickname Namku, Namu, Pauly,
Siblings Elder Sister (married)
Father Retd. IAS Officer
Mother Lawyer
Sister Lawyer
Brother-in-Law Lawyer
Favourite place in Dehradun Home
Favourite place in Mumbai My room and Bandra locality
Favourite Holiday Destination Dehradun, India
Favourite Color Black
Favourite Actor almost everybody
Favourite Actress Deepika Padukone and Alia
Favourite Bollywood all classics
Favourite Indian Classical Singer Kishore Kumar
Favourite Reality show Masterchef Australia
Favourite Hollywood Serial Game of Thrones
Favourite Book Series Harry Potter, Game of Thrones & The First Law Trilogy
Books read as a child Famous 5, The Hardy Boys
Favourite Author George R.R.Martin, P.G.Wodehouse
Favourite YouTuber Steve Cook (for fitness)
Favourite Song – Justin Bieber Sorry, What do U mean, Love Yourself, Where Are U Now
Favourite Song – Zayn Malik Pillowtalk
Favourite Song – Coldplay Magic
Favourite Backstreet Boys song I want it that way
Favourite Sitcoms Friends
Favourite Character Friends Series Joey & Chandler
Favourite Cartoon Character Pooh, Batman, Dexter & Dee-Dee, Ninja Turtles, Jonny Quest, Johnny Bravo
Favourite passtime working out, watching TV, reading books
Favourite Videogame Uncharted
Favourite Brand Diesel
Favourite Perfume Armani Code, Chanel
Fashion statement Comfort
Fashion Icon David Beckham (except for his hair)
Favourite/Dream Car Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Audi R8
Favourite Cuisine Indian
Favourite Food Tandoori Chicken, Butter Naan, masala papad and coke
Favourite Chat Sukha bhel
Favourite Juice Orange juice
Favourite Raw Juice Life and Shield by Raw Pressery
Favourite Dessert anything with chocolate in it
He is a Bournvita boy
Favourite Icecream flavour Mississippi Mud (Baskin-Robbins)
Favourite Milkshake Chocolate and strawberry ones
Favourite Starbucks Drink Java Chip and Strawberries & Crème
Favourite Cocolate DairyMilk (India), KitKat (UK)
Favourite Midnight Food/Snack Ferrero Rocher
Things that you definitely carry while leaving the house a) keys
b) debit card
c) phone
d) charger
  Weird habits a) Cannot stand ketchup, butter and cheese smell but again I love pizza which is strange.  Its like I cannot handle them separately.
b) I have the habit of checking all the 4 doors and windows of the car even though it’s central locking.
Hardest thing to give up My support system (a) family (b) friends
Shoe Size US 12
He took acting classes in Jeff Goldberg Studio, Bandra

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